These delicious creative desserts were mentioned for the first time in 1796, in “American Cookery” by Amelia Simmons, as “cakes to be baked in small cups”. In the early 19th century, the names of “cup cake” and “cupcake” were used and documentation of the term was found again in 1928, in Eliza Leslie’s cookbook “Seventy-five […]

About healthy sweets

A healthy lifestyle involves being an active person, practicing any physical activity you enjoy, (walks in the park, going to the gym, swimming, dancing, etc.), healthy eating, giving your body all the necessary nutrients (fresh foods without additives and preservatives), also an adequate hydration (water, weak sweetened tea, fresh juices, homemade – preferably), stopping smoking, […]


Cookies originated in ancient Egypt where they were actually loaves, round, flat, and unleavened, baked on a hot stone. Their evolution to what cookies are today was possible over the centuries, thanks to the development of technology and the diversification of ingredients. The Egyptian discovery and the use of natural yeast helped to overcome the […]

Dobos Cake

Prepared after a recipe invented by confectioner József Dobos Carl (1847-1924), one of the famous confectioners of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, this cake, with many layers and caramel, was presented with all due pomp at the National Exhibition in Budapest in 1885, where it had a great success. Kept in secret for over 20 years, despite […]

Wedding Cake History

Wedding cake history begins in the reign of Alexander the Great. He struggled to combine Greek with Oriental traditions and the most important event when this wedding cake made its first appearance was the grand wedding ceremony held in Babylon, in which over 10,000 Macedonians and Greeks soldiers married women from the Orient. So called […]