Dobos Cake

Prepared after a recipe invented by confectioner József Dobos Carl (1847-1924), one of the famous confectioners of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, this cake, with many layers and caramel, was presented with all due pomp at the National Exhibition in Budapest in 1885, where it had a great success. Kept in secret for over 20 years, despite numerous attempts to steal its recipe, “Dobos’s cake” was one of the “pieces de resistance” of Hungarian exports in that period, until 1906, when Jozsef C. Dobos retired from social life and released the full recipe.

In proportions established according to a strict recipe, thin crust, dense chocolate cream, caramel, coconut, crushed nuts, dried fruit, make up a famous cake – Dobos cake, one of the creations that are a source of pride for Hungary.

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