About healthy sweets

A healthy lifestyle involves being an active person, practicing any physical activity you enjoy, (walks in the park, going to the gym, swimming, dancing, etc.), healthy eating, giving your body all the necessary nutrients (fresh foods without additives and preservatives), also an adequate hydration (water, weak sweetened tea, fresh juices, homemade – preferably), stopping smoking, with carbonated drinks and alcohol consumption reduced, even completely excluded from consumption.

The science of nutrition is still at its beginnings, but clearly, there are few diseases that diet can not prevent, cure or at least make easier to bear.

Besides the important role that diet plays in the fight against heart diseases, cancer and arthritis, it can also contribute to removing stress, insomnia, infertility and lack of vitality.

Major changes in our health can be caused by minor changes in our eating habits. What we eat not only affects health at the time, but to a large extent determines the quality, even throughout our lifetime.

Some foods with extraordinary, even miraculous effects on our health, are: figs, dates, pomegranates, grapes, olives, olive oil and honey.

In addition, a complete food which contains all the nutrients needed by the body (sugar, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins) is milk – the only aliment that stands for food and beverage.

Another secret to good health is moderation. Never too much and always eaten slowly, the qualities and taste benefits of food are the most pleasant: weight loss, pampering the taste buds, good digestion and also a great form of relaxation.

A diet and a healthy lifestyle can include something sweet, as long as its ingredients contain no preservatives and/or food mixes, and are a part of a varied diet, as natural as possible.

For times when you want to enjoy something sweet, but healthy and delicious, try Hortensia’s Sweets to find something suitable!

Because our products are specifically targeted at children, we pay special attention to the ingredients we use in their preparation.

Countertops freshly baked, fluffy and flavourful, simple or mottled texture, with perfect syrups and filled with tasty cream to get the „Wow!” taste. They contain only natural ingredients, such as those that any housewife once stored.

Here, at Hortensia’s Sweets, only such ingredients are combined with skill and inspiration to create healthy sweets, so that you and your whole family can indulge with confidence in the goodies that we offer!

Sweet health from Hortensia’s Sweets!


Author: Anca Rashid

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