Wedding Cake History

Wedding cake history begins in the reign of Alexander the Great. He struggled to combine Greek with Oriental traditions and the most important event when this wedding cake made its first appearance was the grand wedding ceremony held in Babylon, in which over 10,000 Macedonians and Greeks soldiers married women from the Orient.

So called wedding cake was like bread, prepared from barley, rye and wheat, about 60 grams and looking like a loaf of bread. At this event, bread was transformed using special ingredients such as almonds, walnuts, dried fruit and honey. It was then cut and then mixed with cream of fennel, sheep cheese and honey. Ultimately it was decorated with rose petals dipped in honey.

Tiered cakes come from medieval England, where custom required that those who were invited should bring wedding cakes. Finally they were placed one above the other and the young couple had to share a kiss over the large piles of cakes. Confectioners in that time had the idea of wrapping that mountain of cakes in a sugar-based glaze, inspiring the first creation which we already considered a classic. In ancient times the white colour of the cake symbolized not only the woman’s innocence, but also her family’s wealth. The whiter the icing, the higher in rank the family was.

Currently, the wedding cake has gained a significant role in the ritual, and therefore the choice and realization has become more complex than ever, with composition, design and its accessories giving the guests and the bridal couple a reason to talk about it long after the wedding! Professional designers are in great demand because of their skill in making a wedding cake into a masterpiece of art.

Among the most frequently practiced wedding customs, is the cutting of the wedding cake by the newlyweds, offering a mutual taste from the first slice of cake they cut together. This custom symbolizes the care that the two will have for each other over their entire life.

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  1. Alexia Reply

    Foarte interesant… chiar nu am avut habar de unele chestii! Tortul de nunta cred ca esti foarte important la o nunta si este vedeta serii. La mine cel putin a fost. Cei de la au facut o treaba excelenta si au realizat tortul mult visat de ciocolata si acoperit in fondant cu flori… exact cum mi-am dorit.

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